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About William H. Keller

Mr. Keller provides consultation and analysis to attorneys on the subject of statutory construction. He has been qualified as an expert on "Legislative Intent" and has given opinion testimony from the witness stand in over 45 lawsuits and administrative actions. He has been cited by name in 4 published opinions and several unpublished. He has submitted written opinion declarations in nearly 200 cases, and has assisted attorneys in the preparation of statutory construction arguments in countless additional actions.

Occupational History

Founder and Former Director, Legislative Intent Service. Mr. Keller founded Legislative Intent Service in 1974. Since then, his firm has researched the historical background of over 20,000 California, Federal and Sister State Code Sections, as well as numerous administrative regulations, rules of court and local ordinances. Legislative Intent Service currently prepares over 1500 legislative histories per year, including many directly for the California District Courts of Appeal. Legislative Intent Service has been cited by name in over 50 California appellate cases.

Creator, Keller’s Illustrated Codes. Mr. Keller has designed a practical and persuasive method of presenting a "New Textualism" argument regarding statutory construction as suggested and championed by U. S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The presentation consists of the text of a statute or code section "exploded" to show the derivation of each word currently or formerly included in the section along with notes to a sidebar listing and explanation of all relevant legislative changes.

Attorney and Litigator. Mr. Keller is an Active Member of the California State Bar Association, State Bar No. 55798. He has over 30 years of courtroom experience, having handled a variety of matters including Marital Dissolutions, Probates and Will Contests, Construction, Contract and Business lawsuits.

Lecturing and Publishing

Mr. Keller delivers lectures on Legislative History and Statutory Construction to law school classes and associations of legal secretaries, paralegals and law librarians. He gives 6 to 10 classes each year to law firms and local Bar Associations. These lectures have been certified by the California State Bar Association as approved MCLE activities. Mr. Keller has co-authored an article entitled "Finding Legislative Intent in California" published in the Jan., 1986 issue of the California State Library Foundation Bulletin, Number 14.

Legislative Experience and Education

Associate Consultant, Assembly Welfare Committee, 1973-1974
Legislative Assistant, Assemblyman William T. Bagley, 1972-1973
Selected through competition as Assembly Fellow, 1972
Juris Doctor, University of California, Davis, 1972
Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Cum Laude, UCLA, 1966


Founding Member - California Archives Foundation and California State Library Foundation
Sustaining Member - California Historical Society
Former member of the Board of Directors California Supreme Court Historical Society


Mr. Keller is a California Native Son. His family first came to California in 1917, settling in Santa Ana.

Points and Authorities and Sample Voir Dire with full Citations available on Request


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